Whether it’s the start of a renovation, new home or just to clear some space, we provide demolition services unique to your circumstances. Specialising in residential and small-scale demolitions- both partial and total site – we provide a safe and reliable demolition service that is completely customisable according to your future plans for the space.

Safety is our first priority. Before starting the demolition, we assess the site for instabilities and inspect for asbestos and other hazardous materials. Surrounding structures are then safely braced and electricals are removed.  Depending on the height of the building, we then carefully determine the best method for demolition. This usually involves the use of hydraulic excavators to take down the building in a controlled manner.  A site safety officer is put on-site to ensure all operations strictly follow safety standards and regulations. 

Adhering to sustainable practices, we prefer to salvage and recycle as many building materials as possible while still offering an affordable service. If there are parts of the build you want to recycle or if you have any sustainability concerns, feel free to discuss them with us

The demolition is usually a small part of a bigger project. Fortunately, we cover a comprehensive range of building services. This means we can help with all aspects of your build, eliminating the need for the pesky business of hiring multiple parties for each stage. Often this comes with budget mismeasures and a stop-start progression that exceeds time expectations.  On the other hand, we offer a wholescale budget and time estimate upfront. Once the demolition is done, we can move swiftly to the next part of the project, without any hassle.

If you would like a quote or just simply would like to ask a few questions, feel free to contact the team for a friendly chat.