Owning a home is a lot of hard work. There comes a time when a repair job pops up that’s just a bit too big or time-consuming to sort out yourself. That’s where we can help. With over 25 years of experience under our belts, we provide a quick but thorough and reliable repair service.

We pride ourselves on transparency and communication. After reviewing the site of repair, we have an initial discussion on the best solution to the problem. We then present a budget and time estimate. Once work begins, we may schedule regular updates depending on the length of the project and your availability. You’re always kept up to date on the progress of the job.

Once the repair is complete, we can give advice for future maintenance and answer any more questions you may have. When it comes to repairs- we believe prevention is better than cure. We’re always willing to give money-saving tips and direction to ensure no untimely catastrophes occur in the future. We like to build a friendly relationship with our clients rather than just running off when the job’s done and we’re always there to give advice when needed.

Often repairs are a small part of a larger renovation. We provide a comprehensive range of construction services and can take care of every aspect of your project. This takes the hassle out of hiring different parties for repairs, design, construction and so forth. Instead of going over time and over budget we take a holistic approach to the renovation process, where we transition smoothly through each stage.

If you would like a quote, or just simply have a few more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat.