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Often the key to a successful final product is the planning and thought spent in preparation. The old saying “measure twice cut once” has real application when it comes to renovating.

The more effective our preparation is, the smoother and more problem free the building process is.

The Northern Beaches is infamous for its classic “beach shack” renovations and is a popular endeavor for many home owners as a great way to keep the character of your property whilst creating a home that caters to your needs.

It is important for any owner looking to renovate to understand that an “Ad hoc”  approach to renovating, whilst allows flexibility along the process, commonly ends up in breaking budgets and deadlines. Effective preparation will pay off in the end!

So knowing how to prepare and what to prepare becomes an important question to answer before renovating.

Here are 3 keys I would recommend in effectively preparing for your next renovation, extension or addition.


Knowing your needs prior to commencing the building process is very important to effective preparation. It aids the design process as when you employ architectural and design advice they will have a clear parameters and outcomes to design in and from.

It’s very important to sit down and think very thoroughly through what you need in the home you are building. Make a list of these needs, discuss with invested parties (i.e. spouse and children) and come to an informed decision around what you need.

Knowing prior to starting the building process will provide a smoother building process and greater potential to come up with a design for your home that is specific to your needs.


Planning within your budget is very important in order to avoid breaking it. As soon as you break your budget and start spending money you don’t have it is very easy to get yourself into trouble. You can end up with unfinished projects, disgruntled tradesman and unplanned debt if you fail to know your budget prior to commencing your renovation.

It is important to note, things will always take longer and cost more than expected so when putting together your budget, it is wise to allow a buffer for these unforeseen but predictable occurrences.


For example, “a lot of your budget gets buried!” This can be a shock to people because they were unaware of the cost and time it takes to build strong foundations. Good communication with your builder will provide you with a holistic understanding of what the building process for your renovation is going to require.

A good strategy is to make a list of all your questions and sit down with your builder to go through this list of questions. It will provide the opportunity for you to get to know each other a bit more and for you to have your questions answered.

When selecting your builder, its advisable to look for a builder who is willing and committed to work with your needs and not the other way around. This is something we at Trentwood pride ourselves in providing for our clients.

If you take the time to know your needs, know your budget and know your builder you will be thoroughly prepared for your renovation and will experience a smoother and more effective building process.