Choosing a Builder in Northern Beaches, Sydney: 3 Things to Consider.

Choosing a Builder in Northern Beaches, Sydney: 3 Things to Consider.

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and build in Sydney’s best coastal locale. Considering Northern Beaches is one of the most in-demand areas in Sydney; featuring idyllic lifestyle, iconic seaside scenery and property value stability- even during times of regional downturn – it’s safe to say that you’ve embarked on a wise investment. Now, the only thing standing between you and your masterplan is the all-important choice of constructor. There are many factors unique to this area that should contribute to your decision. The following are the top 3 considerations to be made when choosing your Northern Beaches builder.

1. Are They a Custom Builder?

Northern Beaches is the ideal environment for anyone’s dream home- with sweeping coastal landscapes, sun and refreshing sea breezes, the area offers a wealth of design and landscaping opportunities. Unfortunately, a lot of Sydney builders tend to only present a limited range of rigid house plans, also known as production building. While this may be a good, cheap option for some suburbs, the one-size-fits-all approach is likely to miss out on the many value-enhancing features that make this part of Sydney so desirable in the first place, ultimately harming potential investment prospects. As well as accommodating for your personal preferences, a good builder should also consider the unique location of the property in question- or recommend the most suitable one- and how design plans should be altered to maximise on its natural features. Some of these considerations include:

  • Showcasing of Natural Views
  • Cross-flow Ventilation
  • Themed Landscaping and Outdoor Living Area Options
  • Temperature Control

2. Clear Communication- Especially When It Comes to Budget!

It’s essential that an open line of discussion is maintained at all times. Questions should be welcomed and answered with directness and consistency, particularly where money is concerned. Your builder’s pricing process should be completely transparent. If they seem to just be plucking numbers out of thin air- even if they’re cheap ones -be suspicious. You’re likely to accrue a host of unintended, hidden costs.

Ideally, the builder should present you with a detailed pricing plan upfront, that’s inclusive of the many factors that are often swept under the rug, some of which are unique to the local area. Topics to ask your builder about:

  • Soil and contour tests: must be done before builder can even give you a quote!
  • Site costs: depends on bushfire and flood concerns, as well as the slope of the property
  • BASIX: environmental building laws unique to New South Wales
  • Flooring and Landscaping: often sneakily left out of the initial price

3. Knowledge of Northern Beaches Environment and Regulations

When it comes to building, surprises are seldom nice and coastal areas always present a unique set of challenges in this regard. It’s absolutely key that you choose a builder with solid experience handling these types of projects, that will also be able to give advice regarding long-term house maintenance. Ideally, the more locally the company specialises- the better. The head of construction should be thoroughly familiar with the local laws and building regulations, being able to answer all questions and notify you of any design issues well in advance of their implementation. If you have any more questions about building in Northern Beaches, feel free to contact us and have a chat with our friendly team. With over 20 years of local construction experience, we’ll be able to give you the advice you need

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