How Long Does A Renovation Usually Take?

How Long Does A Renovation Usually Take?

Renovations, dependent on what you are renovating and how large of a project it is, can take varying lengths of time. Having an understanding of how long and what is required in your renovation is very important for the process to be smooth and successful. Alongside that, undergoing the proper steps of preparation in any renovation will save you time and money if you do the hard work first.

Here are 3 typical renovations with an approximate time frame and explanation.


A kitchen can take approximately 2-4 months based on the replacement of appliances and cabinets, the installation of counters, backsplash and Kitchen Island (if applicable), the replacement of floors and the addition of lighting.

Important to note that a kitchen in everyday life is a central part of the household so to be without a kitchen can make home life quite difficult. This may require you to be creative or to look at other living arrangements for the duration of the process.


A bathroom will generally take 2-3 months and can involve tiling, plumbing, lighting, cabinets, toilet, shower and bath installation. A shorter time frame than the kitchen due to decreased amount of electrical and ventilation work required.

A bathroom, assuming there is only one, is another reasonably central part of everyday life and may again require you to get creative or also to look for other living arrangements – unless you are really close with your neighbours?!


A room renovation or addition can take 1-2 months to be completed. There are structural and foundation preparations that must take place before commencing demolition and rebuild which can add to the time frame. A room addition or renovation will follow the drawings, as would any other renovation or addition. A builder, gyprocker and electrician will be required, along with a painter for your final product.
The project can affect home life but not likely to the degree of a bathroom or kitchen as there are a number of ways to work around having no bedroom or office.

These 3 typical renovations should give you a clearer understanding of how long a renovation can take and in particular these 3 popular projects. Again it must be stressed that effective planning and preparations prior to commencing your project will always positively affect your renovation budget and schedule.

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