The Renovation Process From Start To Finish

The Renovation Process From Start To Finish

Renovating is a process that typically takes longer than you would like and is subject to a number of variables along the way. Insight into the steps required in the renovation process will help you gain an understanding so you’re not flying blind into your next renovation!

From our experience of over 25 years in the building industry, here are some insights that we believe will help you.



Dream The Dream

Spend the time in research, discussion, dreaming, comparison and brainstorming what you want for your renovation! Don’t miss, rush or ignore this process; it becomes extremely important for creating a platform to build your project on. A half plan will never go to plan and is filled with changes and interruptions that draw out the project and drain your resources. Be sure to have all your requirements in place before you commence – kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Draw The Dream

Once you have as clear as possible picture of what you want, it’s now time to get the drawings done. Bring in an architect and a builder to get a blueprint drawn up of what your renovation is going to look like. Again, this is an extremely helpful and vital process in preparing for your renovation and will save you time and money in the end!



Do Your Research

At this stage it is important to find a good builder that you trust and feel confident that they know what you’re after. It is a good idea to seek out advice and testimonials about the builder or a few that you are considering. Your partnership with the builder is paramount to the success of your project, so take the time to ensure you find somebody who puts your needs and wants first. Part of this process is getting your quote; so your next step is to get the builder you feel good about to come and give you a quote. The cheapest quote is not the best quote, you are looking for a reliable builder with a good track record, and not the cheapest quote. Often the cheapest quote is accompanied with the cheapest quality of work.



Do Your Engineering Details

Having chosen your builder you will now need to get your structurals done. These are the engineering details for you project. This is a simple process and it is best to go through your chosen builders engineer due to the already established relationship they will have in place.

Do The Approvals

This is simply where all the necessary approvals are submitted for your project.

Do Your Project Schedule

You will need to lock in your start date with the builder; the sooner you can get this locked into the calendar, the sooner you can get underway with your renovation. It’s also important to set clear expectations of how long the project will take and come to an agreed time frame with your builder so that you can manage any problems or interruptions. Make sure you have some clear boundaries and deadlines to keep your project on schedule and on budget. Be sure to work out whether you’ll need to move out or have a clear plan on how you will do day to day life in and amongst the renovation process.

Do A List Of Who Is Who

Creating a list of names will help you know who’s who and what they are doing on your building site. This will help keep you in the loop and create a connected, “on the same page” environment for your renovation.



Ensure you have FUNDS TO FINISH THE PROJECT! Having done the first three steps, it is important that you are financially solid and able to see the project through to its completion. If you do not have funds to finish the project you will have to start and stop which will draw out the process and frustrate those involved which will not be to your advantage.



Having done all the above preparation, your process will be ready to get underway! Don’t delay once you’ve finished the preparation. It’s important to have a final meeting with your builder before construction commences to sign off on all the details and processes you’ve discussed. You should establish any final expectations and communications for the duration of your renovation. It’s now time to let the builder and his team do their thing. Prior to the completion of your project, you should book in a meeting with your builder for after the project is finished for full closure on your renovation and to gather any final information, pictures and details that you may like.

These steps are some solid guidelines on what the renovation process looks like! As you can see from the above content, the bulk of the work on your end is in the preparation. The more effectively you prepare, the better renovation process you will experience!

If you are looking for a builder for your next renovation you can contact us here through our online form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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